ZTE Readies Its Very Own Smartwatch


Smart and watch. These two words didn’t always go together. Why, it used to be that watches were dumb as doornails and thats how we liked it. It’s like how the old saying used to go “watches are as dumb as doornails.” Wait. That’s not actually a saying. Anyways, smart watches are becoming about as ubiquitous as doornails nowadays. Get it. Because, uh, doornails are everywhere in doors and now smartwatches are everywhere on wrists. Sigh, in any event here is a new one vying for that precious, precious wrist-space.

ZTE, who are known the world over for making smartphones, are now dipping their cute little toesies in the smartwatch game. If you haven’t heard a whole lot about ZTE, keep in mind I said they are known “the world over.” This doesn’t particularly apply to America. ZTE are a huge manufacturer of smartphones for the European market. Still, a smartwatch is a smartwatch amirite? What cool stuff does this one do? The usual bells and whistles. It interacts with you phone, lets you read texts and do other cool Dick Tracy stuff from your wrist. The only downside? These ZTE smartwatches are only designed to work with ZTE smartphones, which is kind of a bummer. It’s almost as if these guys don’t want to make money. It’s kind of inspiring actually, in a sad sort of way.

Don’t worry Americans. Both these smartwatches and ZTE’s line of smartphones are scheduled to begin showing up on this side of the pond early next year. The company is also considering dipping those cute little toesies into the smart glasses and, inexplicably, the smart shoes arena. There is no word on if these devices will also only work with their phones.