ZShock Lunatik iPod nano watch comes encrusted with diamonds


So you want an iPod nano watch case. Why settle for all of the ones out there that have zero diamonds? ZShock has got you covered with their brand new Lunatik iPod nano watch. Guess what? Never again will you go diamondless for it has them in abundance.

Other than that it’s just a standard nano watch case. Nothing wrong with that though. However, you’ll be paying plenty for access to all of those sweet, sweet diamonds. $18,000 to be exact. Yeah, that’s a pretty penny. Actually, it’s more than 100 times the cost of the iPod nano itself. Ouch. Still, the nano also is pathetically devoid of diamonds.

The Lunatik is on sale now. Don’t worry, nobody will call you one for buying one. Well, not to your face anyway.