ZionEyez Eyez wearable video recording glasses could reinvent social networking


Sure, there is lots of cool eyewear out there. But how many of those pairs of tight specs promise to revolutionize social networking? None, except for these. They are called Eyez and they purport to do just that. The folks behind these sweet shades, ZionEyez, say they’ll eventually come with enough computing power to choke a horse. Wait, computing power can do that? Scary.

The makers say that these unassuming looking glasses will eventually contain a host of features, including a video camera that records 1080p, 16GB of flash memory, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a 350 mAh lithium ion battery. I say “eventually” because as of now they are empty frames. This could become vaporware, or it could become the coolest pair of glasses ever made. Are you a cup is half empty kind of person or a cup is half full kind of person?

The glasses will also be able to stream live video straight to the social network of your choice via bluetooth. Also, they’ll be able to locate the world’s remaining unicorns. Just kidding about that one last. Or am I?! No word on pricing or availability yet, but when we know you’ll know.