Ziiiro Gravity and Mercury watches tell time in a unique way


Watchmaker Ziiiro has introduced two new watches in their collection, Mercury and Gravity. These two gorgeous timepieces do a lot right. No. They won’t house your iPod Nano or function as a phone, but they do one thing very well, telling time.

First of all, you may notice they lack the usual markings that plague timepieces since the dawn of, um, time. That’s because they tell time in a new way, which must be seen to be believed. You read the time by looking at two colored bands that populate the watch. These continuously rotating rings offer up some accurate time reading, which is the point of a watch, right?

Mercury touts a stainless steel band and comes in four different color schemes. Gravity boasts a bracelet strap and comes in your choice of six colors. Prices range from €100 to €143, or about $130 to $175.