Zepp Helps You Improve Your Swing



There are a number of great sports devices out there that are aimed at helping improve your fitness and health, but there are a lot fewer devices aimed at specifically helping you improve how you perform at a particular sport. One new device is aimed at people who are serious at training in their new sport. The device is called the 3D Motion Tracker and it’s by a company called Zepp Labs.

The device is aimed at a number of different sports, but it’s most adept at tennis, golf, and baseball. For sports like golf, you clip the motion tracker to your glove for it to detect your swing. If you are playing tennis or baseball, the device can also attach to your racket or bat. As long as the device can clip to a glove or bat, it can track your motion and hence give you feedback about your performance.

Once the device is attached to your glove or bat, it can then transmit data to an iOS or Android app, which is does via Bluetooth. The data that the device stores depends on the sport that you’re playing.

The device itself is rather small and light, being about a 1-inch square, and weighing in at just 6.3 grams. Inside the sensor is a small processor, a number of motion sensors, and storage for up to 200,000 tennis swings or 2,000 baseball or golf swings. The battery should last up to 8 hours of use before it needs to be recharged.

The Zepp 3D motion sensor comes in 3 different kinds, one for baseball, one for tennis, and one for golf. The difference between the 3 is really just the mount for the device, but you will want to get the one that you are training for. It is set to cost $150, and is expected to be released in November of this year. This seems to be a great little device, and is the device for you if you are trying to improve upon your tennis, golf or baseball technique!