Zeo Mobile turns your smartphone into a sleep clinic


Sleeping is awesome. Sleeping can also be difficult and ruin your health if you aren’t doing enough of it or if you just aren’t doing it right. But aside from getting an early stroke, how do you know? Sleep issues aren’t easy to diagnose. Now you may have help in the form of a rather ingenuitive smartphone peripheral.

Zeo are making their famous all-in-one sleep clinic available for smartphones. Dubbed Zeo Mobile, this gadget hooks up to your smartphone, and then to your brain, in order to give you up-to-the-second results on how you are sleeping. It does everything except make a Youtube movie of your dreams. Don’t worry, they are working on that.

All you do is wrap the patented headband around your head before you fall asleep, and then let the machine do all of the work. The data is then pumped to your phone for perusal. It launches at the end of October for just $99. That’s not bad for a good nights sleep.