ZenLocket Will Protect Your Most Precious Memories


Sometimes you just want that special memento, that one priceless artifact that you wear at all times that reminds me of who you used to be and where you are going. For many people, this often takes the form of a necklace, a bracelet or even a locket. However, the one problem that usually plagues these doodads is their absolute lack of technological prowess. Why, high tech for your average bracelet is if it has your first name burned into it. That is, like everything else, slowly(and soon to be rapidly) changing. Enter a locket that not only works as a retro keepsake, but also uses tech to ensure you never lose your most precious memories, documents and contacts.

They are calling it the ZenLocket, and while it doesn’t automatically make you one with Buddha, it does look pretty snazzy and serve an extremely useful function. Hidden deep inside the locket hides USB functionality, which you can plug in to your computer to upload 8GB of whatever you want. Won’t the spies that follow your every move when they steal your locket only to find it filled to the brim with Justin Bieber songs? Speaking of stealing the locket, the whole thing is encrypted and password protected so you and only you can access the information. Even cooler? The software automatically organizes everything on it according to personal importance. That’s much cooler than the locket I had growing up, which may or may not have featured Optimus Prime.

The makers of the ZenLocket are still raising funds on Kickstarter to make this dream a reality. Help them out and for around $40 you can wear your very own locket filled with naked pictures precious digital keepsakes and memories.