Zeiss Cinemizer head-mounted OLED display crashes through the third dimension and into stores


zeiss cinemizer oled 1
There is a sad, cruel world floating around us, ready to harsh our mellow at every turn. If only there was an easy, tech-heavy way to erase that dilapidated land in favor of, oh I dunno, your favorite TV show or movie.  Well, get ready for your mellow to remain completely un-harshed, because that technology not only exists, it is already making its way to stores.

Zeiss, company of the renowned Carl Zeiss, has put the final touches on their Zeiss Cinemizer head-mounted OLED display. The Cinemizer comes in a 870 x 500 version for now, with a 3D image pumping in through HDMI 1.4, in addition to 2D through either the HDMI link or analog input. This just released model does not feature head-tracking technology but the company assures that will be included in a later iteration. Just think! You too can shut out the outside world and relax with a 3D movie. Begone, world, begone!

You can cruise over to Amazon right now and order yourself up a pair. The cost? A pretty penny(well actually many pretty pennies.) The 870 x 500 model will set you back around $749 in the US and £578 in the UK. If you don’t have that much coinage laying around, you can always get yourself some other form of eyewear and tape pictures of Toy Story 3 on the eyeball facing side of the lenses. That should work to blot out the world a bit. Just don’t put the scene where they are almost destroyed in magma. That’d be even more depressing then real life.