Zapier Releases Integration Services For Google Glass



We all know about the great Google Glass, the technology that is supposed to change how we wear our technology. While the technology itself certainly is impressive and the ideas behind it are great ideas, the problem with it seems to be that there are a limited number of apps that work with the version of Android that Google Glass is running. The number of apps available to Google Glass has just jumped by a lot, with the announcement of Zapier integration with Google Glass.

While there are a number of apps that have been released to Google Glass such as many of the biggest web companies like Facebook and Twitter, there is certainly room for more!

Zapier is essentially a service that hosts over 200 cloud based applications, and by signing up to Zapier, Google Glass users can take advantage of those apps and be able to use them. An example of this would be using the social media website buffer. Even though Buffer hasn’t released an app for Google Glass, or Glasswear as the software is known as, Google Glass users can use Buffer from Google Glass through Zapier.

Zapier users can set up what’s called “Zaps” which essentially take one piece of data and do something with it. An example of this is that users could set up a Zap telling them that when they get a new Twitter follower, the followers handle is automatically added to a spreadsheet.

The goal behind Zapier is that they wanted to use Google Glass to its full potential. Zapier co-founder Mike Knoop was invited to use Glass, and upon wearing it he noted that by allowing it to use more apps, it could be used to a much fuller potential.

Google Glass currently has around 10,000 handpicked users, though Google is expected to release the product to the public in early 2014.