Z-2 Spacesuit Prototype is the Most Futuristic Thing Ever


Space. The final frontier. The, giver of five year missions and all of that jazz. In any event, space is a vast and empty wasteland full of asteroids, evil aliens and, occasionally, a floating Sandra Bullock. How can humanity possibly hope to survive in such a formless and infinite void? Well, I guess by just staying here on good ole solid ground and avoiding the whole enterprise entirely. But wait, we can’t do that. According to movies and tv shows, we are natural born explorers and we simply must see what is out there. OK, in that case. We had better start making better spacesuits.

On that note, here is a better spacesuit! NASA has been working around the clock to bring us the future in spacesuit design, the Z-2 prototype. This completely futuristic and quite awesome spacesuit will keep even the most finicky astronaut safe as they strut around Mars or wherever it is the wormhole ends up accidentally whisking them to. The Z-2 will be available in a trip of designs, with one offering easy visibility and extra protective panels along the torso. Another design features pleated seams, which are useful for mobility. The final design just sort of looks like a bloated tracksuit(it still features pleats and protective plating.)

The Z-2 prototype will officially be unveiled in November although it may be quite a bit longer before they start showing up on actual missions to space or the Hollywood soundstage that is currently acting as the space stand-in.