Yuni is a Pair of Headphones Designed for People With Unilateral Hearing Loss


We’ve made a habit out of shining the spotlight on wearable tech that actually helps people. Sure, all of it helps people if you consider having an easier way to read tweets being helped. I mean really help people. The exoskeleton industry is doing marvelous work getting disabled people back on their feet, as one example. We here at Crunchwear think all innovation is good innovation but there is just something extra warm and cuddly about a piece of tech that makes life easier for someone who has a disability. Today we are happy to say we have another such device. Introducing the Yuni, the pair of headphones made for people with unilateral hearing loss.

Unilateral hearing loss essentially means you have a significant loss of hearing, or deafness, in one ear only. You can still hear the world around you, but at a great cost. You lose stereo pans and the current crop of headphones on the market just don’t sound right to you. Modern recordings don’t sound the same in both channels, so depending on which ear you have hearing in, you could be listening to just part of the recording. That doesn’t exactly scream “a good time.” The Yuni solves this problem in one fell, attractive looking swoop, creating a full stereo pan in just one ear. Each ear has two stereo speakers, instead of the usual one.

This simple and elegantly made device took to Kickstarter to receive funding, where it was naturally successful. You can get your hands on a pair when they are ready for public consumption, sometime in the next few months. It should set you back around $90 or so.