Xylobands turn you into a walking, talking light show


And then God said, let there be light. We are fairly certain the divine creator was referring to a Coldplay show when he/she/depending-on-your-beliefs uttered those famous words. And the smart money says the creator was talking about one hell(sorry) of a light show. The kind of light show that only goes down at one of those fanciful rock concerts the kids get all excited about. The kids, by the way, now are the light show.

The world of lighted clothing has been advancing in leaps and bounds lately. Still, this hasn’t coincided with the world of rock concerts until now. Xylobands is a LED-enabled wristband that turns the wear into a living, breathing light show. The tech was recently testing at a spate of Coldplay gigs. The wristband used radio signals sent to each wearer to turn the crowd into part of the concert experience and light show. Each wristband in a set is under the control of a sort of light show-creating “dungeon master” which can make each band go on and off depending on where they are located. Pretty cool right?

Coldplay fans who kept their Xylobands after the concert have reported to the occasional bleeping and blooping after they got home, prompting some conspiracy-loving fans to suggest it was a mind control device or something. The company has made a statement that, no, it is not a mind control device. The Xylobands just run occasionally until their batteries run out. Well, that’s one mystery solved! Here, check out a video of the LED magic below.