XpanD 3D glasses are universal and now available for preorder


This certainly is the year of the third dimension, but the one thing that all of these 3D specs lack is the ability to access whatever platform you so desire. XpanD is on it with their universal 3D glasses, which are now available for preorder on seminal Internet storefront Amazon.

The company boasts that these glasses will have no problems with inter-brand compatibility. Finally, you can get your 3D gaming and Avatar watching on without lifting a finger to switch glasses! Another huge calorie saver.

While they are available for preorder now, there has been on concrete word on the shipping date. However, we imagine it wouldn’t be too long. Fans of 3D tend to be awfully impatient. The glasses clock in at around $108 bucks which is actually better than the $125-150 range the company quoted last spring.