The xNT Implant is Creepy but Cool NFC Technology


Anyone who’s ever seen what NFC RIFD technology can do has been impressed. After all, a tiny ring or coin that can unlock doors, unlock phones, and bypass security systems is more than cool on its own. But one company wants to take this a step further and take the NFC technology off of your phone or wrist and put it IN you. The xNT implant is an NFC chip that literally goes inside of you, and offers all of the functions of any other NFC technology.


What is NFC?

For those not in the know, NFC or Near Field Communication is a set of communication standards that only work when the two NFC compliant objects are very close or touching. For most smartphones, this sort of technology activates at right around one or two inches, and sometimes requires the smartphones to bump or touch. Because NFC uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) it can be used to create a personal mini-network for security and other purposes. Essentially, each network is set up to communicate certain information, allowing users to swap data, or use their NFC for passwords. Some NFC devices are non-powered but can still communicate with NFC compatible devices like most smartphones. These non-powered NFCs are known as ‘tags’ or ‘chips’, and that is what the xNT is.


The xNT

THe xNT is a small implantable device with an NFC Type 2 RFID tag. The xNT is approximately 2mm x 12mm (that’s tiny), and is inside of a Schott 8625 bioglass ampule that is sterilized in ethylene oxide gas before being implanted. The designer states that he has two of these implanted, the first of which was implanted with a scalpel, and the second of which was implanted with a basic pet chip implanter (like they use for chipping and tagging pets). Because the NFT technology is not powered, it never has to be taken out, and can be used for anything from launching URLS and sending your personal business card to anyone you shake hands with to opening your phone, unlocking your doors, and if you’re enough of a tinkerer, potentially starting your car as well.


The IndieGoGo campaign reached more than 300% of the initial funding goal, so these will definitely be sticking around. How much does it cost? You can get your very own xNT NFC implant for just $99. The purchase comes with a sterilization kit and an injector, although Dangerous Things (the company behind the xNT) suggests that you don’t do the injection yourself. Instead, take it to a local body modifier, tattoo artist, piercing artist, nurse, doctor, or veterinarian and have them do it.

Do I Really Want One of These?

If you don’t particularly feel like getting an implant to help with opening doors and unlocking your phone, you don’t’ really have to. There are many NFC technologies on the planet, and some of them are also quite cool. One example is the Tuit ring, which is a ring with the same capabilities as the xNT. So, if you don’t feel like sticking something inside of your skin, you can always wear the NFC device instead.
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