Xiaomi and Li-Ning Announce Pair of Smart Sneakers


Everything is smart nowadays. We have smart watches, there are smartphones in our pockets and smart bands on your wrists. However, one obvious choice for smart-dom has, thus far, remained silent. Sure, there have been some quiet murmurings of smart sneakers coming to take over our feet, but none of the big companies have gone all-in with the technology, as of yet. That may be about to change, as two Chinese giants are teaming up to finally, just maybe, bring smart shoes to the masses. Get ready, feet, get ready to party.

Chinese mobile giants Xiaomi is teaming up with a Chinese sneaker manufacturer called Li-Ning to announce a pair of smart sneakers that just may start setting worldwide feet on fire. The sneakers don’t have an official name yet, but they’ve already been endorsed by such sports luminaries as the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade. The hot kicks will be outfitted with microchips in order to keep tabs on your steps, your gait and a whole host of other useful metrics. This information will, of course, be ported to your phone or tablet for easy perusal.

The duo of companies didn’t announce pricing or availability as of yet, but with endorsers already floating in, you can bet it won’t be too long until that information is made available. We’ll let you know when more information comes down the pike. That is what we do, after all. It’s our job. No really, it’s our job.