Xcope is a VR Augmented Reality Headset for Smartphones


Ever since the infamous Oculus Rift reared its pretty little head to the world, virtual reality eyewear has been undergoing something of a revolution. It seems every other day there is some new piece of headgear that promises to deliver you straight to the virtual promised land, AKA Star Trek’s Holodeck. Of course, much of this stuff isn’t out yet. Heck, the Rift itself doesn’t have a consumer grade model yet. Still, the tech is there and it’s only getting better. Soon we’ll never, ever have to deal with the real world unless we are paying rent or curled up in a ball crying. Either or. Both?

Anyways, today we have a new pair of VR glasses to present to you. These also do augmented reality, if you are keeping that of that sort of thing. They are called the Xcope glasses and they have a fairly unique hook. Instead of projecting stuff from your PC or your video game console into your beautiful retinae, the Xcope streams content from your smartphone. Now you can play Angry Birds how it was meant to play, as a hologram hanging right in front of your field of vision. Those pigs are going to get quite a shellacking.

The Xcope isn’t out yet. Sorry Angry Birds fans. However, the creators have taken to Kickstarter to achieve final funding. The best part? These things are cheap. You can plunk down just $55 to make sure you are the first kid on your block playing with this thing when it completes a production run.