WÃœF Claims to be the Smartest Dog Collar of Them All


Humanity doesn’t need to be the only species served by the coming onslaught of wearable technology. Haven’t you seen Fido staring at you longingly as you play with your brand new smartwatch? In short, our furry friends would like some smart devices as well. Its in that spirit that, every once in a while, we like to cover the hottest news in wearable technology for pets. Here is a smart collar that claims to be the smart collar to rule them all.

Introducing the umlaut and caps-loving WÜF smart collar device for the beloved doggie in your life. What does this thing do? Well, it doesn’t play Candy Crush because then a dog might eat it. Instead, it keeps track of your pup’s location, so you can always find him or her when you are looking for a big, sloppy kiss. It also uses positive reinforcement to curb problem behaviors like excessive behaviors. In short, it looks to be your very own personal dog whisperer, which is great because collars are generally placed close to ears.

It should be noted that this is not a collar proper. Rather, it is a device that attaches to any standard dog collar. You can preorder your own by walking on all-fours to the company’s Kickstarter, where an early bird unit will set you back around $100. Woof? Woof.