Wristify – A Thermostat for The Wrist



We’re all hearing about all kinds of new wrist worn devices – things like smartwatches and fitness bands. While these things are cool, and often serve a practical purpose, we would be hard pressed to describe any of them as devices that completely change the way you feel. One recent invention is doing just that! Literally! The Wristify is a new wrist worn device that can help control your temperature – or at least perceived temperature.

The concept behind the device really isn’t all that complicated – when you’re hot, you apply a cold item to your skin, and it helps you feel cooler. When you’re cold, you do the opposite. But what if a device like that could be worn? Now it can!

The Wristify was developed by a number of students at MIT and is described as a thermoelectric bracelet. The goal for the device was to create something that “Materials Science Solutions for Sustainability”. What does that mean? Well, not only will this device help your temperature but it could also help your wallet – and on a much bigger picture, the planet! Think about how much energy and money would be saved on energy by using these devices instead of air conditioning or heating!

The team behind the device found out that applying even the smallest change in temperature to the skin can change what the body feels by a few degrees. Using this knowledge, it really would not take much to make the body feel nice and toasty, or refreshingly cool!

The device is housed in a watch-like casing, and lasts up to 8 hours on the battery included in the device. With the winnings from a competition that the device one, the team intends to further develop the device and build more prototypes for it. You can check the device out for yourself here. Eventually, we might even see the device be mass produced! Even if we don’t, it seems that this is the way foreword for better sustainability and more energy saving!