Wrist Charge is the Wristband That Also Charges Your Gadgets


Smart phones sure are smart. They are also power hungry little greedsters. How long does a charge last for the one that currently rests in your right pocket? Four hours? Two? Sure, they start out pristine. The first few months they have an energetic smile on their face that screams “oooh I can last for days on end.” Once you start filling it up with apps, music and movies the honeymoon most certainly ends. So what are we supposed to do? Live without our phones once in a while? Heck no! This is 2013 and being always connected is our God given right, or something like that. Thankfully wearable technology is here to the rescue.

Introducing the Wrist Charge. This simply named device rests on your wrist and, uh, charges your smart phone. It’s a bracelet/armband/what have you and features a sleek black aesthetic. The Wrist Charge essentially eliminates the need to ever bring your phone’s charger with you. It will, in effect, is your phone’s charger. You can get it in Android or iPhone and it just plugs in via USB to any PC. Voila. Charge city. It’s not a battery or anything crazy like that. It’s just a more convenient way to charge on the go. Plus there are no messy wires which is always a bonus. We hate messy wires.

This useful armband, bracelet thingie isn’t out yet so for now you’ll have to make due with the tumbleweed of wires you have growing in your bedroom. You can make sure you are the first fully charged kid on your block by hitting up their Kickstarter and throwing them some dough. By dough, we mean money and not the stuff they make pizza out of. Here is a video.