Wrist Charge: A Simple Way to Charge your Phone


As the number of smart phones increase, so does the number of accessories and options available for use. One of those options is the Wrist Charge, which is a very intriguing idea that promises to make the lives of smart phone users much simpler once released. The idea behind the Wrist Charge is simple. With the multitude of electronic devices and gadgets that many of us own, we usually end up with piles of various charger cables, power bricks and adapters laying around the house, cluttering up our desks and, worst of all, getting tangled into giant balls of wire that are almost impossible to untangle easily. That’s where the Wrist Charge comes in.


What is the Wrist Charge?

wrist-charge-1-600x450The Wrist Charge is a very simple phone charger that is designed to be able to charge a number of specific devices, although support for other devices will likely grow as the project continues. At the moment, the Wrist Charge will fit all current models of Apple’s iPhone, as well as all Android smart phones. Rather than being just another charger cable, however, the Wrist Charge is, as the name implies, a charger that you wear around your wrist as a bracelet, removing when needed to charge your device.

How the Wrist Charge Looks

Since the Wrist Charge is still currently being funded through an, as of yet, unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, design options appear to be limited, with only a few basic colors available, and no customization options planned, although that will likely change once the charging bracelet goes into full production. As such, the Wrist Charge is not a wearable device that will make people stop and stare, but it is still a great way to keep a phone charger handy without needing to carry around a bulky cable and power brick.


Why Not Use Traditional Phone Chargers?

Sure, you could continue to carry around your traditional phone charger and run the risk of having the cable get shorted out while trying to untangle it, but why would you want to when the Wrist Charge makes it a lot easier? The biggest advantage to the Wrist Charge, of course, is in its design. Rather than utilizing a bulky fastening system, the charger bracelet is easily just snaps around your wrist. This means that there are no clasps to get broken, and no adjustments needed to be able to work with different sized wrists.

Where the Wrist Charge Idea Came From

3The geniuses behind the Wrist Charge are Jerry and Jason, two men who, like many of us, became tired of constantly having to untangle their smart phone’s charger cables. The idea for the Wrist Charge design came about when Jerry found himself sitting at his desk using his phone, noticed the battery was almost fully depleted, and glanced down to pick up his charger cable. What he found, however, was not only his charger cable but his daughters snap bracelet. The two instantly merged in his mind, and he began to design a prototype that incorporated both the charger and the snap bracelet. For over a year the pair of worked out the technical details, and currently have working prototypes. The Wrist Charge is not yet available, but it’s such a great idea, it likely won’t be long until you can find one at any electronics retailer.