Wrangler Launches Line of Jeans that Fights Both Moisture and Cellulite


Is there anything more resistant to technology than jeans? OK, that isn’t necessarily true but there is just something homespun and wild west about denim pant legs. They speak to our independent pilgrim spirit and, also, they tend to make butts look good. Still, homespun looks can be deceiving. Even jeans have been receiving makeovers from the wearable technology industry. Who is next to add blip and bloop to our denim loops? Why, it’s Wrangler, one of the most prominent jean manufacturers out there. They are called Wrangler for Pete’s sake. That means they are intended to be worn while wrangling up cattle. That doesn’t sound exactly tech friendly.

Think again. Wrangler has developed new jeans, using a new method of denim making, that fight off moisture and, to an extent, dreaded cellulite. The fancily named Denim Spa jeans are like, sigh, wearing a denim spa. They come only in skinny sizes, which is unfortunately ill-adivised for cattle wrangling. They do other cool stuff, however. Each pair is coated in a special formula that fights off moisture, thus making your legs silky and smooth throughout the day. We are starting to think these aren’t made to wrangle up cattle at all!

The company also says the formula helps fight off cellulite as well, citing a study in which 69% of wearers said they looked thinner after weeks of use. Speaking of weeks of use, the moisturizing effect only lasts for around two weeks. Then you have to respray the jeans. A pair of these moisturized bad boys will set you back around $150, but no price is too big to pay for having silky smooth legs. Am I right cattle wranglers?