Here is the World’s First Wearable Tech Device For Your Neck


The neck is a mysterious beast. It connects our head to the rest of our body. It also, on occasion, cranes to check out a beautiful slice of pizza in a nearby storefront. What can I say? It’s useful. We need to take care of it. The saying ‘protect ya neck’ didn’t exist in a vacuum, after all. On that note, there is an embarrassingly slim amount of gadgets on the market that keep an eye on that meat tube of yours. Just how many? Oh hovering right around zero. Don’t succumb to existential despair, however. One device is coming to market that purports to protect the everloving heck out of ya neck.

The oddly named Fineck is a necklace, of sorts, that keeps an eye on neck movement and lets you know if you are doing anything to strain it or otherwise harm it. Also, it must be noted, the neck is a bridge to the rest of your body and, thus, through analyzing the neck the Fineck can also keep an eye on your general body movements and let you know if your health is up to snuff. It learns your habitual movements and can tell if they are healthy or ,um, absolutely disgusting. There is also some gamification built into the system, which allows you to practice neck strengthening exercises via the magic of video games.

Hold off on sauntering on over to your local neck-gadget shop, however. It’s not out yet! The creators need your help to get the thing funded so crane your neck over to Kickstarter and plunk down a few precious neckie bucks. For around $80, one of these fine, fine neck-preserving instruments can be yours.