Woojer – The Wearable Bass Amplifier



We’re all used to listening to very bass heavy music that we often find ourselves dancing to. Sometimes we play the role of home-DJ and crank the bass of a song, even if we don’t really know what we’re doing. One device hopes to eliminate the need to do that by automatically adding bass to our songs. The device is called the Woojer.

The goal of the Woojer is to essentially make the wearer feel the music, and it basically does this through using haptic feedback to create polyphonic vibrations. These vibrations are created by using a tactile transducer. When the wearing clips the device to the clothing and 3-D effect is created through perceptual interference. The device works through both audible signals and subsonic ones.

The Woojer has already raised $600,000 in Angel funding, which was raised in early 2013, but the device is set to launch on Kickstarter sometime in the near future. If the Kickstarter is successful the Woojer will be released to consumers sometime in mid 2014.

The company behind the device is working towards making a wireless and a wired version. The device is essentially being made for mobile devices and not for home stereo systems. Not only that but it actually has features to it enhance 3-D gaming on those mobile devices. Furthermore the device even has features for the hearing impaired.

The widget has not yet been released to the public but when it is it is expected to run for between $50 and $100. When the device does eventually hit, if it has all the features that it is currently boasting, it is sure to be a winner.