Woojer is a Silent and Wearable Woofer


The reason why people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on home stereo setups isn’t just to hear great sound. It’s also so they can, in a sense, “feel” the sound as it comes out of those amazing speakers. For instance, when you have a great surround sound setup in your living room, you can actually feel the recoil of the gun in Call of Duty or the stomp of the mushroom in a Mario game. Unfortunately, however, headphones do not tend to offer the same experience, even gaming headphones. This has long plagued headphone designers and they have tried many things to get around this lack of, well, woofing ability. Now there may be a permanent, and wearable, solution.

Introducing the Woojer, a wearable woofer that bumps headphone sound up from “decent” to “holy crapballs.” You simple plug your headphones into it and let the magic commence. The tech can also be used for the hearing impaired, as they may be able to feel the noise emanating from the woofer. It’s a win, win. The designers are calling it “tactile augmented reality.” In other words, helicopters sound really, really cool while wearing this device. Oh yeah, one more thing. The thing is tiny. It’s about as small as a matchbox and can fit in your pocket or, if you are so inclined, clip to your belt or shirt.

However, for now, you’ll have to keep hearing helicopters the old fashioned way. The Woojer is not out yet and the designers have moved to Kickstarter to finish funding. You can snag one for around $119.