WoofLinks Lets You Store All Kinds of Information on Your Dog’s Collar


We love our furry companions, don’t we? Dogs do so much for us. They give us companionship and unquestioning love, they help us walk across the street if we have a vision disability, they, uh, help us locate and eradicate bed bugs. In short, we owe a whole lot to the canine race. How can we show our appreciation? By working up some wearable tech, slapping it into their collar and call it a day! Here is some cool collar tech that may just have you begging for table scraps.

Introducing WoofLinks, the dog collar that puts the technology in doggone technology. The collar itself contains an NFC tag, which lets you do a whole host of cool things. It lets you track the pooch in question so they won’t get lost, it lets you use your phone to scan a collar to let you know where a dog you’ve found is from and it lets you access all of this information from the cloud. Being as how its all on the cloud, it also lets you schedule dog play dates with other dog owners, hire dog sitters and all kinds of other cool stuff. The future is so bright, your dog has gotta wear doggy shades.

The WoofLinks pack isn’t out yet on the shelves of your favorite pet store, but it’s coming. In the meantime, yelp your way to their Kickstarter and get in on the ground floor of this ‘paw’-ty good idea. Geeze that was bad. Here is a video of the collar in glorious, bark-filled action.