Withings Smart Activity Tracker Preps for Release and Changes Its Name


The eternally congested world of fitness monitoring devices is one of our favorite worlds to visit here at Crunchwear. After all, the modern world demands plenty of sitting in front of a laptop for hours on end which is not conducive to maintaining a healthy body. Who knew! So we are always down to report the newest and hottest in the world of virtual coaching. Anything that helps us get off the couch and away from our Netflix instant accounts is good news by us. Speaking of, a fitness monitor we wrote about way back in January is finally prepping for a stateside release.

withings-pulse-2You may remember the Withings Smart Activity Tracker. First of all, that cumbersome name is no more. It is now called the Withings Pulse. Catchy right? To the uninitiated, it measures your pulse(thus the name) among other things. The Pulse also keeps track of your daily calories and even monitors you as you sleep like the restful angel you know you are. All of this tech know how comes packed in to a tiny touchscreen device, clocking in at just 43 millimeters.

So when can we  get this shiny and tiny device? The company just received full approval from the omnipresent FCC, which means it will start showing up on store shelves and virtual marketplaces in the very near future. There has been no word on price but as soon as know, you’ll know. Then we’ll both go out for a long jog and refrain from eating a gigantic cheeseburger afterwards. Let’s hear it for restraint!