Withings gets fit by introducing its Smart Activity Tracker


Maybe it’s something in the cold, wintry air. Maybe it’s the spectral memory of all of that mashed potatoes, turkey and cookies we’ve been eating. Maybe it’s just a natural response to the passage of time. In any event, we here at Crunchwear sure have been covering a lot of fitness/activity monitors lately. Not a day goes by that a new one doesn’t pop up, like a beautiful, bouncing, calorie-counting  baby. Well, break out the cigars, because another one is prepping to be on the loose. Only, don’t actually smoke the cigar. Fitness monitors don’t like that.

Remember Withings? Last time we wrote about them they had just shipped an ingenious iPhone app that monitors your blood pressure. The company is back, and this time looking to take on the fitness monitoring big boys. Their forthcoming, simply named, Smart Activity Tracker brings the usual bells and whistles to the fold. It slices. It dices. It monitors your pulse, keeps track of the calories you consume and even looks in on you as you sleep. This touchscreen-enabled device is tiny, clocking in at just 43.3 millimeters. This means it can be with you at all times, like that blanky you used to force your mother to pack on family trips even though it smelled like a wet dog mixed with week old chicken salad. Seriously, your mom really took a bullet with that one(call her.)

All of this data gets uploaded to an affiliated smartphone or PC app, which is a definite upside. The only downside? The company has yet to announce pricing or availability. Your guess is as good as ours. Ok, maybe ours is a bit better than yours. We are going to say much later in the year. The company hasn’t even released any demo videos or more images yet so we might be waiting a while.