Withings Activité Tracker is A Beautiful Looking Timepiece


The future of wearables is, indeed, a future in which every aspect of our health is constantly monitored and tracked for even the most minute of discrepancies. This future isn’t here yet, however, with most vitality trackers settling on keeping an eye on how much you’ve exercised or how well you’ve slept. Heck, even Apple weren’t able to crack a few of those higher concept ideas for their forthcoming Watch. So, as one can imagine, this just released suite of activity trackers by Withings are, pretty much, more of the same. However, they sure do look purdy. I mean, look at those things! Analog looks meet digital ability.

At its heart, the fancily named Activite trackers are basically step counters. However, they are step counters made from stunning materials that make these more status symbols than just your plain, average activity trackers. Stainless steel? Check. Calfskin leather? Check. Sapphire crystal? Check. Black diamonds from a meteor? Check. Wait. That last one was something I just made up. I got carried away with the fancy.

However, all of those high class materials help amp the price up. The standard issue tracker costs a whopping $450, however there is a junior version that offers the same functionality with materials that won’t break the bank. The lower grade ‘Pop’ band costs only $150. Of course, both devices offer related apps(seen below) in which you can access all of your health information on the go. They are also waterproof, if swimming around is your thing. (It probably should be as swimming is good for you.)