Wireless Wrist Device Lets You Make Music Out of Thin Air


We may not all agree on what types of music we like, but we can all agree that we like music(unless you are weird.) It’s one of main things that makes us human. It’s one of the main ways we relax, unwind and just get through this gruesome miasma we call life. Making music is even more fun. However, not everyone has the money, talent or inclination to fill their homes up with large and obstructive musical instruments. That is where the magic and mayhem of wearable technology comes in. Here’s a wearable instrument that quite literally makes music from thin air.

They are calling it the Lightglove, which is interesting as it is actually an armband and not a glove at all. Maybe they assume the light surrounds your hand like a glove or something? Anyways, once you slip it on your wrist all you have to do is wave your fingers around to make beautiful music with just about any instrument around. The thing is even programmable so you can create your own instrument on the fly. You can also upload sounds and songs you’ve made right to the cloud so your friends can share in your musical genius. They’ll love that!

This tech isn’t out yet but it has been making waves at various consumer electronics shows and other places where tech-heads gather. If you have some money to burn, you can get involved in their recently launched Kickstarter page. How much does this glove made of light cost? You should be able to secure one for around $250. In the meantime, check out this video of the Lightglove in musical action.