Will Your Next Shirt be Printed?


Shirt Printer

When it comes to wearable tech there are a lot of ways to get where you are going. We recently talked about the idea that your clothes might be able to come out of a spray can, but what about a printer? One company is hoping to take clothes to the ultimate level of customization by allowing them to be printed for you.

“It seems that direct-to-garment printing technology is old hat now,” says Garment Printing CEO Gavin Drake. “Only a few years ago DTG t-shirt printing became the new printing technology, replacing traditional transfer printing techniques with lower costs and higher quality, but it is still developing day by day and the ability to personalize a t-shirt in seconds is a reality. But to be able to personalize custom clothes with 3D printing at this stage seems unreal. We need to make it real and this is our mission.”

So, will it be coming soon? As it turns out it may already be on the way. A start up company from San Francisco called Continuum is making progress in this field with 3D printed bikinis, so shirts can’t be too far behind.

Source and Image: PRweb