Will Wearable Tech Become Office Wear?



When it comes to wearable tech some companies are looking at them as something to bad, even if it is only as a PR tactic, but others may choose to embrace the issue of wearable tech and deal with it head on. Some companies may even decide to make it part of the working day.

At least that is the way that some intrepid journalist sees the future of wearable tech in the world of the not too distant future. In a piece published by Business News Daily one intrepid future looker sees a situation where the most technically inclined of businesses use Google Glass, or a similar product to help employees to be more productive in a variety of tasks, from finding the information they need to get working faster to keeping track of their health.

Of course there are significant ethical and social issues to be dealt with before that vision of the future could even become close to reality.

Image: Morgue File