Will Consumers Embrace Wearable Tech?



The odds are good if you are a reader of this site that you are at least interested in wearable tech. As it turns out, for the time being at least, you are in the minority.

A study conducted in April showed that the majority of consumers in America are just not that interest in wearable tech at all. The results were surprising. Of the people with the most means of investing in new gadgets, those with more than $100,000 in annual income, less than 35% had any interest in wearable technology. Tough about 47% of people who made less than $35,000 each year were interested in wearable tech.

In another turn around people with only a high school education were more likely to be interested, with about 45% saying yes, while college graduates were almost 10% less likely to show an interest. The survey did not ask for reasons why consumers might not be interested. The survey was conducted by phone.

Source: Computer World

Image: Morgue File