Will.i.am Claims to Have Invented the World’s Best Smartwatch


Will.i.am watch
Do you pay attention to the ever-changing spiral that is pop music? Well, even if you’ve hanging out under an Internet-disabled rock, you have no doubt heard of the Black Eyed Peas. They have produced their share of earworms and have even performed at the Super Bowl half-time show, for whatever that is worth. These musicians may be famous, but are they wearable technology enthusiasts? All indications point to yes. As a matter of fact, group member, and fan of bizarre spellings, Will.i.am has recently claimed to have invented his own smartwatch. More than this, he says it is the very best smartwatch in the entire world.

Is this more of your usual rock star bluster or is there something to it? Will.i.am appeared on a recent UK talk show sporting the watch, which doesn’t look too dissimilar to timepieces of its ilk. He says, most importantly, that this watch is not tethered to his phone and it can make calls on its own. It can also send and receive texts, store music and, of course, check Facebook and other social media sites. It’s also, in typical smartwatch fashion, something of a fitness tracker. Because Will is ostensibly a musician, the watch also contains a pretty forceful speaker.

The guy who occasionally hangs out with Fergie did not give a price or even name to his ‘world’s greatest smartwatch.” He did, however, tweet that it would probably be releasing sometime in July.