Will Apple Be Able to Take Over Wearable Tech?


Apple Devices

Apple, as a company, is good at one thing. It is not coming up with the idea of a new product. It is in the refinement of the idea into a commercial product that creates a seamless consumer experience and generates buzz. After all smart phones were not new when the first iPhones came out. Just ask the people at Blackberry. Neither were MP3 players. Yet the iPhone and the iPod both had a significant impact on their consumer markets.

The question for wearable tech is, can Apple do it again?

Rumors are flying all over the tech world that Apple is going to be jumping into the game with a smart watch. It wouldn’t be an original entry. After all many companies have one ready, or as working on one as we speak. But not all of them are feature rich or particularly user friendly.

If Apple made a device that was sleek, created the hype and tied it into existing mobile devices on their product line, they could have a winner on their hands. But, that’s not the same as taking over. Other companies in wearable tech will have a distinct advantage over competitors in the MP3 and smart phone industries. They have diversity. Watches are not, by far, the only form factor for wearable tech and unless the device is seriously app upgradable it will only be able to do a few things.

Image: Morgue File