Why Cyber Security matters for Batteries


Chris Mobley is the Director & Founder of BlueSkyTec Ltd: a cyber-security business keen on building secure and safe solutions within technological areas. Chris was also Technical Director for a successful engineering and consultancy business started in 2003, before being sold in 2013. Ahead of the show, we asked him a few questions concerning batteries, EV’s, and just why BlueSkyTec is interested.

Q: So, Chris, can you explain how Cyber Security and batteries are linked?

A: Batteries are very expensive – around 40% of the cost of manufacturing a car – and have a limited life (number of charge cycles, etc). Problem one is that because batteries are very expensive, they are a target for thieves. Problem two is that because they have a limited number of charge cycles, manufacturers are adding mobile connectivity to the batteries so that they can monitor the battery’s performance. This allows a manufacturer to monitor the battery for theft and performance. However, the mobile connectivity must have cyber-security otherwise criminals will attack the battery via the internet.
Q: How important is Cyber Security when considering Batteries and Electronic Vehicles?

A: When anything physical is connected to the internet it must be protected by cyber-security. If it is not, there is potential for a criminal to take control of the physical device and do damage to either the device or even the humans around it. In the case of a battery, for example, they could make it ignite and explode, or in the case of an electric vehicle, they could make it crash and injure the occupants and/or other road users.
Q: What is the Business Control Drive MGU? Why are you interested in it? 

A: Battery, Control and Drive Motor/Generator Unit – these three physical things are the parts you need to make an electric scooter/bike/car/drone etc.

The Battery is usually a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery – like in a mobile phone, but much bigger – the Control Unit is comprised of the electronics that control how fast the scooter/bike/car goes, and the Drive MGU – Motor/Generator Unit – is the electric motor that can also act as an electric generator when going down a hill.

Blueskytec is interested because again, these are very expensive items, they are connected to the internet for monitoring and control, and therefore they must have cyber-security to protect both brands and consumers.


Chris will be Chairing a panel discussion, The Connected Evolution: Protecting the Customer’s High-Value Assets from Cyber Attack on 24th October at 2.40pm.

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Interview conducted by Dan Mobley
Edited by Sarah O’Connell*