Where does the future of AR & VR lie ?


AR and VR have dominated the tech headlines for the last few years but, now the hardware is out and the hype has plateaued, what next for the industry? Well, in my humble opinion, what’s next is a barrage of amazing applications across business, entertainment and leisure, as well as the fascinating blurring between AR and VR that is mixed reality and all the opportunities that holds for us.

Digital arts studio, seeper, for example, is launching brand new MR technology at the Wearable Technology Show next week that allows the consumer to be completely immersed a la VR, yet still be able to interact with people and objects as they enter the VR environment. The potential applications has this has for, say, brands or museums and galleries, is really exciting.

Epson is also showcasing a brand new product designed for us in public event spaces: the Moverio BT-350 glasses, which – by allowing you to view both the exhibit and an interactive information display – will bring museums to live through AR.

Glassup is also launching its new UNO AR smart eyewear, which uses AR to give the wearer access to incoming e-mails, texts and social media update, so that the user can keep abreast on what is going on in the world.

AR comes to the fore once again with Navdy, the world’s first augmented driving device for your car that lets you look forward while staying connected, using a system that allows users to communicate with gestures, voice and a bespoke dial on the steering wheel.

Other exciting products being showcased are:

Optinvent: Prototype of a brand new product concept called the ORA-C, a wearable AR safety cap with computer, display, camera and sensors for professional applications.

Advir: The only technology powering programmatic brand placements in VR and AR – its technology can be easily integrated with any VR content developer to index their available inventory – the ‘surfaces’ in the environment available to receive ads.

Kopin: Demonstrating the Scott Sight firefighter’s helmet by Scott Safety: a revolutionary system that provides firefighters with hands-free access to thermal imaging data via a near-eye augmented display unit affixed on the inside of their safety mask.

DoubleMe: A chance to experience a world of blurring transformative technology boundaries & mixed up realities.

MyndPlay: Fronted by former Apprentice candidate, Tre Azam, MyndPlay is behind the revolutionary VR-ready MyndBand EEG Brainwave headset and the MyndPlayer interactive mind controlled video platform which allows users to control, influence and interact with videogames, apps and movies using their mind and emotions.

And then of course there are still MORE amazing platforms still to hit consumers, namely Google’s Daydream and Microsoft’s HoloLens and both will feature at the show thanks to kaynotes from Greg Ivanov, Business and Content Development, Google Daydream, and Peter Daukintis, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft.

The fourth Wearable Technology Show takes place 7-8 March at ExCeL and is co-located with the AR, VR & MXR Show, IOT Connect and the brand new Digital Health Technology Show, making it Europe’s biggest event for wearables, AR & VR, IOT and connected technology.

With over 5,000 visitors in its sights and over 200 speakers across two days, experts in the many sectors across healthcare, performance sports, smart textiles, smart homes, disruption and the internet of things will share insight into new products and the future of how we incorporate wearable technologies.

Registration is open now at http://www.wearabletechnologyshow.net/home