Where does he get those wonderful toys? Introducing the Batman backpack, cowl included


Did you know there’s a new Batman movie coming out? Holy crikey! There are a number of things you could to celebrate this momentous cinematic occasion. You could, for instance, flip a coin to decide the fate of your victims. You could also arm yourself with a dangerous umbrella and surround yourself with the cast of Happy Feet. Heck, you could even don yourself in full dressage and protect your city from the criminal element. Or you could just buy a really cool backpack.

And let’s put the emphasis on really cool regarding this bat-crazy backpack. Hot Topic recently begun selling it. You might notice the unforgettable Batman logo adorning the back. You might also notice the yellow straps bringing the aesthetic all together. The astute among us, however, will notice the awesome black cowl that turns the backpack into a crime-fighting hoodie(or just keeps you a bit warmer.) The backpack is big enough to carry business books and also a batarang or two. Who knows, you could be the next Bruce Wayne. Keep an eye on your parents though, ok?

This bat-tastic backpack is available now and the reasonable cost of $35. Wear it to the opening night of The Dark Knight Rises and be sure to get all of the girls! Trust us on this one. It worked with the Jar Jar Binks costume so why not this? Check below for more images.