What You Can’t Do on Google Glass So Far


Google Glass

When it comes to Google Glass there is a lot you can do, provided you can get your hands on a set of one of the most coveted pieces of wearable tech out there right now. That does not mean that you can do anything and everything with them. There are a few things that, so far, you cannot do with Google Glass.

Take it Into Some Restaurants

A growing number of businesses, one where people might wish to keep things private, are getting ready to ban the specs. One forward thinking company has already banned the specs preemptively, to keep its patrons safe and sound.

Run Ads  (for now)

For the time being the terms of service make it so you cannot run ads from the specs. Of course this one may change as times goes on, and the glasses reach a wider audience. After all app developers have to make a profit too.

Post Adult Material

Google has already shut down one adult company that wanted to allow people to take, and share, erotic images with the site. While porn may be an indelible part of the web Google may be concerned with the liability of allowing glass users to share pictures of anyone they see in the nude for public ratings.

There you have it. No doubt there are some other limits, but for the time being developers have not tested them yet.

Image: Google