What Foxconn’s Smart Watch Might be Able to Do



By now the odds are good that you already know that Foxconn is taking a step out of the shadows and using its manufacturing prowess to make its own smart watch, which may be in stores as soon as next year. But what kind of features will this watch sport? We do know about some of the abilities this device is offering. Those features include:

  • The ability to see a preview of your Facebook messages.
  • The ability to track your breathing
  • The ability to track your heart rate
  • There is also some speculation that the watch will have a built in fingerprint scanner as a security feature

Since for now the company is staying mum on a final features list we are left to guess at what kind of features might a smart watch with these capabilities may have. We can reasonably assume that it will have some kind of a fitness-tracking component, and some kind of social media compatibility. But could it combine the two to turn Facebook into a daily brag book for you? (or shame book, depending on how dedicated you are to your workout) It has the possibility to the be easiest workout tracking that you’ve ever done.

Of course, without a full list of features we could be missing out on some of the biggest features of the watch. Only time will tell.


Image: Morgue File