Wellograph Begins Shipping Their Fancy Fitness Watch


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? To put that in another way, is a watch still a smartwatch if its just referred to as a fitness tracker? The answers are, unsurprisingly, yes to the watch thing and one billion bushels to the woodchuck thing. They are super fast. In any event, the line between fitness tracker and smartwatch is becoming increasingly blurred. This tends to happen as technologies shrink and what used to be object-specific is now a catch-all. Think of cell phones before the iPhone compared to today, after all. On that note, here is another smartwatch or fitness tracker or watch that happens to track your vitals or whatever else you want to call it.

Introducing Wellograph, both the company and the watch. This uber-stylish entrant into the ever-competitive world of fitness tracking would sure look good on your wrist, thanks to its premium watchface made from sapphire crystal. As far as functionality foes, you can pretty much guess what this thing can do. It tracks how many steps you take, how fast you went and, as a bonus, your heart rate. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, it also tells the time. Not bad guys.

The Wellograph, by Wellograph, is shipping now ahead of its official release of September 12th. You can order your own right now for around $350. Tell ’em Large Marge sent ya. (Don’t really tell them that.)