Wearables in the workplace; the time is now


There’s a movement taking place, says Tech Republic – and it’s focused on wearables and their use in the enterprise. More than 93% of companies participating in a recent APX Labs survey reported that they are evaluating wearable technology, and 87% believe that it will have a significant impact across their industry within the next five years.

“The invisible revolution that is underway is bigger than we thought it was,” said Brian Ballard, CEO and co-founder of APX Labs, the developer of the Skylight platform for enterprise wearable technology.

The purpose of the survey was to see who is using or evaluating wearables, and what they are interested in. Wearable technology is growing, with Gartner reporting smart glasses will result in $1 billion annual cost savings in the field services industry alone, and IMS Research estimating the wearable technology marketplace will grow to $6 billion by 2016.

The study, The State of Enterprise Wearable Adoption, focused on the IT or business decision makers in 201 companies with 500 to more than 5,000 employees, and from a range of industries. The industrial enterprise sector was the focus of the study, with government, non-profit, education, professional services, media, hospitality, health care and financial services industries excluded since those areas do not have a direct use for wearables relevant to the study.

The 93% of companies interested in wearables are split across almost every industry included, with manufacturing and life sciences “very big” and transportation and retail smaller than anticipated, Ballard said.

“Manufacturing was an obvious one for us because that’s where we see most of our inbound traffic coming from,” he said.