Wearables data capture increasingly vital for healthcare providers


According to a new report, data capture from wearable technology is proving increasingly vital for those working in healthcare and marketing pharmaceuticals.

The report, from Forrester’s newest research examining the role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in patient diagnosis and care, claims that self-diagnosis is ‘notoriously inaccurate’ but found that many wearable technologies, including health and fitness apps, provides an opportunity to better understand a patient’s condition and engage with them to improve their own health and wellness outlook.

The report cites technology from companies such as Apple, with HealthKit; Google, with Google Fit; and Microsoft, with Microsoft Health and Health Vault, as established devices with cloud ecosystems while tech such as Fitbit and Garmin have their own proprietary cloud data stores. All of these upload and store data which is available to be stored within an electronic health record or a patient record.

New devices on the market, such as Nerometrix’ Quell, are enabling clinicians and physicians to provide acute non invasive support for patients supported by remote monitoring. More innovations are expected in the coming months as the digital health sector continues to grow.