Wearable walkie – talkie adds Alexa


Orion Labs have announced that their smart walkie-talkie, Onyx will have Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, integrated into the device.

Onyx users can access Alexa to get the latest news headlines and weather forecasts, control smart home devices, order food or a car.

“We started Orion Labs to build a world powered by voice and help people get more done together with their eyes free, instead of being glued to a screen,” said Orion Labs founder and CEO Jesse Robbins. “Onyx makes communicating faster and better, with people and with exciting new voice services like Amazon Alexa.”

“We created the Alexa Voice Service so developers could bring the power of voice to devices anywhere,” said Aaron Brown, Director, Amazon Alexa. “The Orion Labs Onyx is an exciting new way for people to gain access to information, thousands of skills, and control their smart home devices all through Alexa.”