Wearable Technology Market Set to be Worth $19 billion by 2018



We all are aware of the fact that the wearable technology market is growing. It’s becoming increasingly obvious because of the amount of News related to wearable technology that is being released every day. But we didn’t know exactly by how much until now.

According to Juniper research in the next five years the wearable technology market will grow from $1.4 billion this year to $19 billion in 2008. This is due to a number of reasons, the first of those being a “heightened consumer awareness of wearable technology”.

There’re a number of reasons behind that heightened consumer awareness. One of the largest of those is perhaps the rumors surrounding Apples iWatch. In addition to that the release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Glass has greatly increased the consumers awareness of the wearable technology market.

This increase in market work is set to create a number of opportunities for app developers as well as a number of new jobs in new wearable technology start-ups. These jobs will come in companies related to fitness, health and communications.