Wearable Tech Take A Fashion Hit


When it comes to wearable tech there is fine line between being cool and going too far. Lets be honest most of us know that. Those of us who do not know that probably do not have the budget to stock up on so many devices that we look like we are up for the most accessorized human being award.

That doesn’t stop people from making jokes about it. In a recent article, published on Digital Trends was getting read to question the fashion forwardness of wearing the devices. The author of the piece suggests that wearing more that two types of wearable tech would make a person, “…all of a sudden you’ve gone from being sporty, health conscious, and a bit geeky, to a tragic nerd.”

So while you may want to be aware, you may also want to consider that the opinions of the fashion forward may not by that important to you at all.

Image: Morgue File