Wearable Tech Sensors to Increase



Mobile technology relies on sensors. Sensors are used to tell us how much we sweat, to tell us how hard we get hit or how long we have walked in a given day. But just how big is the sensor industry? As it turns out it is big, and growing. According to research, conducted by the firm On World, shows that the number of sensors involved in the world of wearable tech is getting ready to go up in a big way.

The research is predicting that by 2017 the industry is likely to ship as many as 515 million sensors for the world of wearable tech, including implantable technology options as well. To put that in context that is a serious increase. The overall improvement between now and then, according to the predictions, would be up about 107 million units shipped out.  This estimate takes into account the fact that as time goes on sensors are more likely to be packaged in mulit-sensor arrays.

Source: Mobile Health News

Image: Morgue File