Wearable Tech is Bringing Sexy Back


The App
When it comes to wearable technology we don’t tend to think of it as a matter of sexy. Its cool, handy and sometimes informative, but sexy just does not come to mind. Well it looks like the people over at Durex are looking to make wearable tech sexy. The project, which the company has dubbed its Fundawear experiment. The people who are chosen for the experiment (its done by an application -one that you can find here) will be given a matching set of vibrating underpants.

The underpants are hooked up to an app. The app allows not you, but your partner to stimulate you when they want to. The technology has some interesting possible applications. Winners also get two hotel rooms and a $500 cash prize. Now, the only trick will be making sure that your partners does not stimulate you at an inopportune moment, say in that one-on-one meeting with your boss.

Image: Durex