Wearable Tech Gets Mixed Reviews with The Public



A new survey put out by the folks over at Rackspace are showing that people have mixed feeling about wearable technology. Apparently most people believe that the wearable technology industry feel that it has enhanced their life in some way. About 82% of people with wearable tech were willing to say that it had made their life better. That enthusiasm, of course, comes with a caveat, the majority of consumers thing that wearable tech should be regulated in some way to protect the privacy of the end users and the general public. The company surveyed about 2,000 American consumers. Another fun fact. About 40% of the users said they were not willing to use wearable tech because they are worried about the privacy issues related to its use.

About one third of those surveyed believed that wearable tech helped their love lives, with two-thirds believing that they are fitter because of wearable tech.

Source: Rackspace

Image: Morgue File