Wearable Tech Gets A New Location


If you’re into wearable tech then Silicon Valley is the place you want to go. One company, Kopin Corp., has opened a wearable tech center in the valley. The company, which make components for wearable technology, is opening the center in order to forward it research into sensor designs. The facility will focus on dealing with sensors that respond to voice commands and gestures. The company will be able to work on the idea of lower cost speech recognition hardware with the help of a new state of the art acoustic test chamber.

The company seems excited about opening its new location. “Opening our new Wearable Tech Center is an important step in the fulfillment of our goal to provide the critical components and concept systems that accelerate our partners’ development of branded wearable computing products,” said Dr. John C.C. Fan, CEO of Kopin Corporation. “The Center is strategically located in the heart of Silicon Valley in order to solidify Kopin’s position on the front line of the growing wearable computing market as we continue to invest in forming strategic relationships with top technology companies. The Wearable Tech Center will enable us to test and refine the integration of various technologies into the concept systems – including our own proprietary technologies such as software, speech enhancement, optics, displays, low-power IC and ergonomic design, as well as technology licensed from others – and work with our customers to optimize the system performance.”

Source: Kopin
Image: Morgue File