Wearable Tech Festival Fashion of the Future

Wearable Tech Festival Fashion

Our friends at ID&C, RFID wristband manufacturers, created this infographic that shows what the future festival-goer might look like decked-out from head to toe in digital apparel.

Wearable Tech Festival Fashion

Google Glass may soon be the first widely adopted piece of wearable tech, but the $1500 (£985) super-specs are just one of a growing list of high-tech peripherals that could quite easily double-up as fashion accessories, fit for the festival season.

Instead of the cliche straw hat, there’s an LED headdress that changes color in response to your head-nodding dance moves and for those of us partial to a cider or two, how about sensor-equipped socks that monitor your balance?

And, not forgetting the digital wristband – a new version of the festival bracelet that can replace your paper ticket, push content to Facebook and even make cashless payments (how else were you going to pay for those ciders?).

Future Festival Fashion – Wearable Tech Breakdown

  1. Google Glass – No word of a UV-rated pair yet, but apparently there will be a version that can attach to your own varifocals – more info
  2. LED Headwear – Created using a 3D printer, this 20s-style headdress is covered in LEDs that respond to head movement – more info
  3. Glove Tricorder – Figure out exactly how drunk you are with this self-diagnosing, sensory glove from Med Sensation. Sadly, it won’t cure that hangover though – more info
  4. RFID Wristband – With support software, this wristband, that uses RFID technology, can work as a paperless ticket, cashless wallet and a contactless way of updating Facebook – more info
  5. Flexible Display Map – Most of the tech giants are on the verge of launching some form of flexible display. How about using one for a festival schedule that you could also use to watch video clips of the acts you missed – more info
  6. Sensor Socks – These socks have embedded sensors within the fabric that can notify you of your balance via a mobile. We can’t guarantee they won’t smell though – more info

Source: idcband.co.uk